Partite di marmo: vendi il tuo materiale in gruppo

The creation of Marble Block Matches represents an important step for companies operating in the stone industry. This tool, available for Private Pitches, allows groups of marble blocks to be selected as needed, offering customers a more targeted and exclusive selection.

To create a Batch of Marble Blocks, you can use the Marble 3D App or the web app. After cataloging one’s blocks on the platform, one can proceed to create the Match by selecting the desired blocks. Through the creation of the Match it will be possible to view this selection of blocks in full, each block will be viewable in detail with all technical information and multimedia content.

Marble Block Matches are available only via private link, so that their sharing is more targeted and exclusive. They can also be edited if needed without invalidating the link. In this way, companies can share with their selected clients the material most specific to the client’s and company’s needs, without making the blocks being offered visible to other clients. This makes the negotiation more private and confidential, providing greater security for companies in handling sensitive information.

The creation of Marble Block Matches represents an added value for companies in the stone industry, which can offer their customers a personalized and high-quality selection of marble blocks. By digitally cataloging blocks and creating Batches, companies can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their sales operations, offering better service to their customers and improving their competitiveness in the international market.


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