Virtual Yard

Take advantage of the opportunities of the Digital world.

Discover the power of the Virtual Square and the Digital Cataloging of Marble Blocks.


Personalized Virtual Yard

Create your private or public Virtual Yard and reach customers from all over the world. Thanks to the Administration Panel, you can create and catalog the Cards of your blocks, using an optimized data organization system.
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Condivisione Digitale dei Blocchi di Marmo


complete online catalog

A Virtual Yard is an important resource for companies in the stone sector as it allows them to digitize and catalog their marble blocks in an advanced way. Thanks to this solution, companies can create an online catalog complete with technical data, images, videos and 3D models of their products. Take advantage of digital opportunities to expand your online presence and reach new customers.


database always updated

This allows you to increase your visibility and competitiveness on the market, also simplifying sales operations. Furthermore, having a Virtual Forecourt also means having access to an always updated database of your products, simplifying the work of managing and organizing company resources. Take advantage of digital opportunities to increase your productivity and make business processes more efficient.

Condivisione Digitale dei Blocchi di Marmo


Hybrid card: digital block

The hybrid card is an innovative tool that allows you to organize and manage your blocks in a simple and effective way.
Thanks to the combination of technical data and multimedia content, each block is fully represented on the Card. The creation of Cards is easy and secure thanks to the traceability of the block and the association of the unique code.


Block Cataloging

Cataloging marble blocks in Hybrid Cards is a smart choice because it enables companies in the stone industry to have a complete and detailed view of their products digitally. Hybrid Cards are an innovative and advanced solution for displaying and sharing technical data, images, and 3D models of marble blocks.


Digital Sharing

With this digital cataloging, companies can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their sales operations and offer better service to their customers. In addition, the digital sharing of marble blocks through Hybrid Cards enables companies to expand their visibility globally and improve their competitiveness in the international market.

Intelligent Sharing

Easily share your products with social tools such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, and E-mail, using Card links or sharing in Excel or PDF format.

Remote Sales

Sell your blocks even remotely, quickly, and efficiently. With our solution, you can digitally manage the sale of your stone products.


Explore the Benefits of Technology

Exploring the benefits of technology means opening up new business opportunities, improving service quality, and meeting customer needs. Learn how technology can make a difference for your business and make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital world.

OBJVISION, we find Solutions

What are your needs
and how can we best assist you?

Blocks Digitalization

OBJVISION enables companies to digitalize their marble blocks independently or using the company's high-quality technologies, such as the Fixed Station and Photowash.

Advanced Cataloging

With the Marmo3D Web App, OBJVISION enables companies to catalog their blocks with complete technical data, images, videos, and 3D models, facilitating sales operations and improving market competitiveness.

Company Virtual Yard

Companies can create their own Virtual Yard with digitized Marble Blocks, allowing them to reach buyers and sell blocks, even from a distance.

Marmo3D Store

The platform empowers companies in the stone industry to create virtual forecourts for the online sale of their marble blocks, increasing visibility and improving the efficiency of business operations.

Personalized solutions

OBJVISION also offers customized solutions for the specific needs of companies in the stone industry, such as the creation of 3D models and virtual renderings.

Customized Training and Support

OBJVISION provides customized training and assistance in the use of its technology solutions, ensuring constant and professional support for its customers. In this way, companies can maximize the use of OBJVISION technologies to improve their business and market presence.

Digitalizzazione Blocchi

OBJVISION consente alle aziende di digitalizzare i propri blocchi di marmo in modo autonomo o utilizzando le tecnologie di alta qualità dell'azienda, come la Stazione Fissa e il Fotowash.​

Catalogazione avanzata

Grazie alla Web App Marmo3D, OBJVISION consente alle aziende di catalogare i propri blocchi con dati tecnici completi, immagini, video e modelli 3D, facilitando le operazioni di vendita e migliorando la competitività sul mercato.

Store Marmo3D

La piattaforma che dà la possibilità alle aziende del settore lapideo di creare piazzali virtuali per la vendita online dei propri blocchi di marmo, aumentando la visibilità e migliorando l'efficienza delle operazioni commerciali.

Piazzali Digitali Aziendali

Le aziende possono creare i propri Piazzali Virtuali con i Blocchi di Marmo digitalizzati, permettendo di raggiungere acquirenti e vendere blocchi, anche a distanza.

Soluzioni personalizzate

OBJVISION offre anche soluzioni personalizzate per le esigenze specifiche delle aziende del settore lapideo, come la creazione di modelli 3D e rendering virtuali.

Formazione e Assistenza personalizzata

OBJVISION fornisce formazione e assistenza personalizzata per l'utilizzo delle proprie soluzioni tecnologiche, garantendo un supporto costante e professionale ai propri clienti. In questo modo, le aziende possono massimizzare l'utilizzo delle tecnologie OBJVISION per migliorare la loro attività e la loro presenza sul mercato.


Our strengths

With our Virtual Yard and Block Cataloging solution, you can manage the sale of your stone products completely digitally, without the need for in-person meetings. By sharing marble blocks digitally via Hybrid Cards, you can offer your customers a complete and detailed view of your products, with high-resolution images, technical data, and 3D models. In addition, our Administration Panel simplifies the management and organization of your blocks, saving you valuable time and improving the efficiency of your business. Discover how technology can be a valuable ally for your marble block sales business.

With OBJVISION, the digital sharing of marble blocks becomes a reality.

Grow your business with OBJVISION's cutting-edge technology. Leverage our surveying, three-dimensional modeling, and advanced marble cataloging services to gain a competitive advantage in the stone industry.