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OBJVISION’s digitization tools offer multiple opportunities and benefits to companies seeking to automate their processes, improve their productivity and efficiency, save time and money, reduce operating costs, and maintain competitiveness in an increasingly complex and global market.


Explore the Features of Marble 3D
Online Cataloging Platform and Market Place

Esplora le Funzionalità di Marmo 3D Piattaforma di Catalogazione e Market Place Online

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1. Il tuo Piazzale Virtuale, la tua Azienda

Un nuovo modo per comunicare con i tuoi buyers:

Emphasize your brand by means of the Company Profile, thanks to which your buyers can be sure of your references and direct contacts in every communication.

If you would like to have a private space where you can show your marble blocks to selected customers, you can have a Virtual Private Square that allows more targeted and exclusive sharing with customers. You can make visible to a selected customer only the blocks that have a certain sales priority for you. (Silver and Gold)

You have at your disposal at any time a Virtual Public Square thanks to which you can display your products on the best-performing Market Place available today. Your blocks will be reachable through a classic Web search.

Thanks to the Administration Panel you will have exclusive credentials for yourself and, if you want, for your collaborators to manage every detail including the publication and removal of your products in total autonomy.

In the same Market Place, you can post the Company Name and Logo and have your company profile stand out within the Public List of Highlighted Companies.

A block preview consisting of the gif of the 3D model or cover image representing it, the main technical data, and the name and Logo of your Company. Its use makes all the blocks placed within your yard easily visible to your buyers.

A web page dedicated to your block which is included all the media representing it collected in SlideShow, all its technical data, geolocation, data, and the Logo of your Company.

The media (images and video) and the 3D model are alternately visible in one space.

A carousel-formed gallery that combines images and videos from your block into a global collection.

The platform has Filters and Sorting to enhance your experience when uploading blocks, organizing your cataloging activity, and when searching for your buyers. Generate specific searches in your yard by searching blocks by Material, variety, weight, height, length, width, mark, and other data. Finding what you need becomes simple and intuitive.

2. Your Blocks, the new Hybrid Cards.

The Hybrid Card is the representation of the marble block, in a single space, exploiting the visualization of a 3D model and the viewing of images and videos collected in a Slideshow together with all the technical data of the block.

Insieme trasformiamo la tua visione in realtà.

3. The Loading Tools

Upload tools allow technical data and multimedia files such as images, videos and 3D models to be placed within the Hybrid Card representing the block. This allows a complete and detailed visualization of the block, making it easily accessible and shareable online.

Equipped with an advanced Administration Panel that allows you to create and customize your Virtual Forecourt with all related Hybrid Cards and the Store, which is the place where your products are displayed to your customers and buyers.

It allows you to manage your Virtual Forecourt and Store even easier and faster, directly from your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the integrated Administration Panel
integrated, you can customize your Hybrid Cards and manage your product catalog easily and intuitively to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility to your shoppers. All this is at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Create and catalog your contacts in the address book so you can better manage your buying and selling.

A feature that allows the creation of your own custom varieties when they do not exist in the platform’s variety catalog.

These are personal notes, not visible to buyers, with the purpose of noting the costs of purchase, negotiation, and actual sale.

These are personal notes, not visible to buyers, and useful for marking information regarding the block according to one’s circumstances and needs.

The Record Audio and Save Audio feature, which is not visible to buyers, is very useful when you need to jot down information regarding the block without having the limitation of having to type on the keyboard.

In the Virtual Public Yard, the first section is devoted to the presentation of your Company, which can be customized by inserting the Logo, Name, Company Location, Description, Link to the Official Site, Link to Social, Phone Number, and E-mail address of your Company.

If you have company social channels, you may decide to add them to your Company Profile to maximize their visibility.

Take your buyers to view your Company’s Official Site, the place where users interested in your blocks will have confirmation of your Brand’s capabilities.

Give those viewing your blocks the opportunity to be able to contact you through an email, to receive more information, and proceed with a possible negotiation.

4. The Marketplace for your Blocks

The following services are available for public yards:

5. The advantages of 3D

Allow your buyers to measure from countless points and angles your blocks remotely, making 3D Models, visible with the 3D Viewer.

The 3D Model Viewer also makes it possible to obtain the overall dimensions of the block in the form of a dimensioned transparent parallelepiped: the so-called “all marble” dimensions of the block itself are thus represented in an extremely intuitive way.

The testing information is available to your Company, you can decide whether or not to disclose this information to any buyers and/or third parties.
From the 3D model source file, the aesthetic and structural testing of the block is represented using three-dimensional CAD drawing systems, which includes predictive representation of:
– Fracture Surfaces
– Defect surfaces and/or volumes
– Defect stock planes
– Internal trend of the main grain and/or characterizing aesthetic elements
– Internal parts of the block are characterized by specific textures and/or background tones.
The testing in its AESTHETIC / STRUCTURAL expressions is represented in appropriate groups of layers in such a way as to make it visible only in case it is the company owning the 3D model that wants it.
The file equipped with virtual testing is suitable for further processing with reference to possible application hypotheses for the execution of machined work. (Predictive Rendering)

By purchasing a Service Level, the cost of the Service Level will be used to generate a 100% discount on 3D Model making.
The value of each bonus depends on the value (€) of the chosen subscription and the fixed cost of making the 3D model with a Drone or Fixed Station (€/t) to generate a set amount of tons to be used for free (t).
ex: Gold €1490.00
Fixed cost of the realization of the 3D Model with Fixed Station €/t 20.00
Fixed cost of making the 3D Model with Drone €/t 10.00
Full 3D Bonus Fixed Station 75 tons free (€ 1490.00 : € /t 20.00 = 74.5 t free)
Full 3D Bonus Drone 150 free tons (€ 1490.00 : € /t 10.00 = 149 t free)

No limit is set on the number of 3D Models realizations and publications.

Share with a public link and private link using Excel documents and automatically organize all data into a schematic list.

It will lead your buyers to view on the Web the Card within your Virtual Public Yard.

It will lead your buyers to view the Card on the Web in your Virtual Private Yard, where there will be no reference to any data other than your Company’s and no external links unless expressly desired by you, such as social or other of your blocks that you currently wish to sell to more exclusive customers. (Silver and Gold)

A dynamic sharing tool, it allows you to create a digital storefront where your authorized buyers will see displayed a collection of your blocks for sale, specially selected and grouped by you for their facilitated viewing.
It is shareable through a single link, which will remain unchanged after you make changes to the batch. (Silver and Gold)

6. A fast and intuitive Sharing

Share one or more Cards with one click.

Service Levels Features.

With varying costs starting from the Free Basic Level, for each Level the data management capacity varies; the main variable features are listed below:

Blocks uploaded to your Administration Panel.

Blocks previously cataloged and later published within the Public Square or Private Square.

(priority in publication rankings)

The value of each bonus depends on the value (€) of the chosen subscription and the fixed cost of making the 3D model with a Drone or Fixed Station (€/t) to generate a set amount of tons to be used for free (t).


Explore OBJVISION Services
to Digitize Your Business

OBJVISION’s price list includes a wide range of optional services for creating and publishing 3D models. Services include 3D model creation with different acquisition options and colorimetric resolution, editing services for photos and videos, 3D technical inspections, and predictive rendering of machined objects. We also offer training in the use of drones for image acquisition and 3D model creation. We can customize our services according to each client’s specific needs, such as posting on social channels or making videos with custom audio and text. Contact us to find out how we can help your company make your marble blocks digital.

3D Model Creation and Editing

Predictive Rendering

3D Technical Inspection

Photo and Video Editing

Drone Acquisition

Drone Operators Training


Esplora i Servizi OBJVISION
per Digitalizzare la Tua Azienda

Il listino prezzi di OBJVISION comprende una vasta gamma di servizi opzionali per la creazione e la pubblicazione di modelli 3D. Tra i servizi offerti, sono inclusi la creazione del modello 3D con diverse opzioni di acquisizione e risoluzione colorimetrica, servizi di editing per foto e video, ispezioni tecniche 3D e rendering predittivo di lavorati. Offriamo inoltre corsi di formazione per l’utilizzo dei droni per acquisizione immagini e la creazione di modelli 3D. Siamo in grado di personalizzare i nostri servizi in base alle esigenze specifiche di ciascun cliente, come la pubblicazione sui canali social o la realizzazione di video con audio e testi personalizzati. Contattaci per scoprire come possiamo aiutare la tua azienda a rendere digitali i tuoi blocchi di marmo.

Creazione ed Editing
di Modelli 3D

Rendering Predittivo

Foto e Video

Servizi di Ispezione
Tecnica 3D

Acquisizione da Drone

Formazione per
Operatori Drone


Automatizzazione dei processi

I nostri strumenti di digitalizzazione consentono di automatizzare i processi aziendali, semplificando le operazioni ripetitive e riducendo la possibilità di errori.


Efficienza migliorata

Utilizzando gli strumenti di digitalizzazione di OBJVISION, le aziende possono migliorare l’efficienza dei propri processi, ottimizzando il tempo e le risorse necessarie per completare determinate attività.

Insieme trasformiamo la tua visione in realtà.


Riduzione dei costi

L’automatizzazione dei processi e l’efficienza migliorata consentono alle aziende di ridurre i costi operativi e aumentare la produttività, generando un ritorno sull’investimento (ROI) più rapido.


Migliore collaborazione

I nostri strumenti di digitalizzazione consentono di condividere facilmente documenti e informazioni all’interno dell’azienda, migliorando la collaborazione tra dipartimenti e team.

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