Reach more customers and boost multichannel sales online with the Marble 3D platform

OBJVISION is a cutting-edge technology company in the stone industry, specializing in three-dimensional solid modeling and advanced marble block cataloging. With the Marble3D platform, OBJVISION technology improves the efficiency, effectiveness, and security of the physical yard sales cycle, now joined by the virtual yard.

Condivisione Digitale dei Blocchi di Marmo
Condivisione Digitale dei Blocchi di Marmo


Store Marmo3D: Your Virtual Yard

A private space where your blocks are cataloged and shareable by you with the clients you want: your clients can view and negotiate with you the marble blocks you offer.
You will be able to leverage the potential of the platform to provide an easy and intuitive experience, with the ability to view and value blocks in a completely new and effective way.


What are your needs and how can we best assist you?

Virtual Yard

Reach out to your customer online mode and show available stock. You will have direct links that you can channel via social, messaging, and email: Your customer will access all cataloged information (data, images, videos, 3D models) directly and exclusively at your invitation.

Virtual Testing

Allow your customers to test and negotiate blocks virtually remotely: thanks to the Marmo3D Hybrid Card you can make images, video, and measurable 3D models available to them; it will be for your customers like seeing your blocks live, allowing them to activate the purchase negotiation with you, possibly motivating them to make the visit in person.

Predictive Rendering

Offer Architects and Designers the possibility of analyzing the compatibility between each of your blocks and the machinings provided by the project case list; it will also be possible to make a predictive rendering of the installation to preview the achievable result based on the assumed cutting solution, thus offering a highly professional and innovative level of service, much appreciated in the case of complex projects (such as columns and special machinings).

Piazzale Virtuale

Raggiungi i tuoi clienti in modalità online e mostra lo stock disponibile. Disporrai di link diretti che potrai canalizzare via social, messaggi e mail: Il tuo cliente accederà direttamente ed esclusivamente su tuo invito a tutte le informazioni catalogate (dati, immagini, video, modello 3D).

Collaudo Virtuale

Permetti ai tuoi clienti di collaudare e negoziare i blocchi virtualmente da remoto: grazie alla Card Ibrida Marmo3D potrai mettere a loro disposizione immagini, video e modello 3D misurabile; sarà per i tuoi clienti come vedere i tuoi blocchi dal vivo, permettendo loro di attivare con te la trattativa di acquisto, eventualmente motivandoli ad effettuare la visita di persona.

Rendering Predittivo

Offri ad Architetti e Designer la possibilità di analizzare la compatibilità tra ogni tuo blocco ed i lavorati previsti dal casellario progetti; sarà inoltre possibile realizzare il rendering predittivo della posa in opera per visualizzare in anteprima il risultato ottenibile in base alla soluzione di taglio ipotizzata, offrendo in tal modo un livello di servizio altamente professionale e innovativo, molto apprezzato nel caso di progetti complessi (quali colonne e lavorati speciali).

OBJVISION Team Members

Maurizio Angelino

Chief Executive Officer

Claudio Gariglio

Chief Marketing Officer


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With OBJVISION, the digital sharing of marble blocks becomes a reality.

Grow your business with OBJVISION's cutting-edge technology. Take advantage of our surveying, three-dimensional modeling, and advanced marble cataloging services to gain a competitive advantage in the stone industry.

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