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The Marble 3D platform is an innovative solution for managing marble blocks. With the help of the Marble 3D App and Web App, companies can catalog their marble blocks and manage them more efficiently. In this article, we will explore the features of the two apps and their benefits for companies.

The Marble 3D App is available for Android and iOS mobile devices and is designed to enable companies to catalog their marble blocks quickly and efficiently. With its intuitive interface, users can add new blocks, specify their technical characteristics, and insert all existing visual content such as photos, videos, and 3D models to easily access information about each block in the future. The app also allows users to take photos and record videos directly from the platform, generate personal and private notes and audio for annotating details, and share blocks and their technical information with a simple click of the share button.

The Marmo 3D Web App, on the other hand, is a web version of the application that provides access to the Marmo 3D platform directly from the browser. This makes the platform more accessible, as users can access marble block data from any Internet-connected device. The Marble 3D Web App offers all the functionality of the Marble 3D App, including the ability to add new blocks, specify their technical characteristics, and share information.

In addition to marble block management, Marble 3D apps also offer other features, such as creating block batches, which are groups of blocks selected to meet specific customer requirements. Batches can be created either through the Marble 3D App or through the Marble 3D Web App. In addition, the platform also offers the ability to enter marble blocks in 3D mode, giving customers the opportunity to evaluate the material’s characteristics in more detail and accuracy.

In summary, the Marble 3D App and Marble 3D Web App offer companies a complete solution for marble block management. With their intuitive interface and multiple features, the apps simplify marble block cataloging, improving communication among team members and enabling more efficient material management. The ability to create batches of blocks and enter blocks in 3D mode is an added benefit for companies, which can meet specific customer needs and evaluate material more accurately.


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