Digitalize your Yard directly from your Smartphone

Thanks to the brand new control panel on smartphone mobiles and iPhones you can take photographs and videos of your Blocks for sale from your cell phone and organize them directly on a card where you can conveniently record all the salient data and even make personal notes just for yourself.

In seconds you’ll be ready to share with your selected customers just the information you want, thanks to the handy links automatically generated by the system at your request. You will be able to send individual blocks or groups of blocks organized in batches.

No more phone rolls full of photos in random sequence, with considerable memory waste: this new approach will be decidedly effective and professional and will enhance your company’s material by distinguishing your brand placed prominently in every communication.

Try it for free, contact us for more information.

Soluzioni Digitali per i tuoi Blocchi di Marmo.
Condivisione Digitale dei Blocchi di Marmo


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