Virtual Yard

  • Create your own virtual yard, private or public, reach your buyers and sell your blocks, even from afar.

  • The Administration Panel allows you to create and catalog the Block Cards: is an optimized data organization system!

  • Share your blocks with social tools such as Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, E-mail with the link of the cards, in excel or pdf format.

Blocks Catalogation

  • The hybrid card is the newest data and visual content aggregation tool that describes every aspect of a block online.

  • Organizing your blocks, your virtual yard and managing each phase of commercial communication with the customer will become very simple.

The block is represented on the hybrid card, consisting of technical data and multimedia content.
The creation of the Block Cards is simple, just insert from your mobile phone: photos, videos, descriptions of your blocks, and, if present, the 3D model.
The system is secure thanks to the traceability of the block and the association of the unique code to the card.

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